Bâche Pour Tous
Tarpaulins manufacturing and repair

Tarp for pergola, tent for market and for flea market

Tarp for pergola

Tarpaulin for pergola

To enjoy longer your patio, even in winter. With a windbreaker closure or a complete four sides  closure.  
Tarps can be fitted with transparent windows and a door.  

Tarpaulin tents for entertainment events, flea market, market.

Tarp and tent for event, flea market and market

Tarps are robust and weatherproof.  
When installed on an existing frame, the finishing is adapted  to fit that frame.  


reparation of tarp

Often an economical alternative, repair is fast and reliable.

The torn canvas, pierced or damaged by wear can be repaired.
Sensitive areas can be strengthened.

We extend their lifespan with a discreet repair.