Bâche Pour Tous
Tarpaulins manufacturing and repair

Introduction to bachepourtous

Strengths of bachepourtous


Bâche Pour Tous was born of a recurrent need to repair our winter tarpaulin covering the boat. The many episodes of strong winds pained the already old tarpaulin and minor repairs followed. The neighbors, in a similar situation, were relieved to find a friend helping them.  
Bâche Pour Tous has found its place under the status of 'complementary independent'

Today, with some years of experience, our strengths focus around 4 points:  

Quality: Keypoint of customer satisfaction, quality is an ongoing concern. We are confident to offer a two-year warranty.   
Competitivity: You enjoy the experience of a professional at a price calculated at the just.
Service: A light structure allows to get smoothly in touch. Your wishes are discussed in an easy way.   

Proximity: Although we privilege the proximity and the human contact, the world is at our fingertips via the Internet. Do not hesitate to contact us.  

Quality and care

care and quality of bachepourtous

We take special care to the finishes by ensuring an appropriate implementation. The welds have a minimum width of 25mm, the seams use a UV resistant thread.  

Confident in the quality of products, all tarpaulins have a two years warranty

Your old tarps can now be recycled. Check with your waste collection center.